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So Sad: Paris Wants You To Think She Dumped Benji 20.Nov.2008

It's all about the spin, people. And everyone knows, nobody spins it better than Paris. She may be a blond but she sure ain't dumb.

DONE with that bitchThis morning's Page Six led off with "Bored Paris Boots Beau Benji", (I love their headline writers!) the story of how Paris is "fed up with being out of the spotlight" and is leaving sweet Benji behind to party up. They just figured out she's bored? She's been bored since she started seeing him, and you could see it on her face - when she didn't know a camera was rolling. Big yawn. The only reason she even dated Benji was to rehab her image after her jail stint. She saw what banging a Madden did for Nicole.

Notice how she didn't release a statement about the breakup until after the pictures of her slobbering all over Stavros hit the net? That was because Benji was the one who did the dumping - this was not the first time she tried to infect another guy. She also tried to hit on Christian Ronaldo when he was in LA a while back - he totally ignored her. She shouldn't get her hopes up on getting her Greek beefcake back, either - word has it that he's sweet on Annabelle Dexter-Jones, daughter of Foreigner's Mick Jones. I don't think he'd waste his time.