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Prettyfunny: Jude Law Mistakes Carriage Nag For Guy Ritchie's Ex 24.Feb.2009

I betcha hers is bigger (horse is not amused)Hmm. Musta been the hairy chin. Or maybe it was the blindingly white fur. Who knew Kabbalah water could stimulate hair growth like that?

Looks like the boys are having a great time filming Sherlock Holmes. Then again, Guy could be getting his toenails peeled back to his ankles and he'd be laughing up a storm. He's FREE, MAN! FREE!!

But what exactly are they laughing at? Could it be the latest stories about Madge and hot baby Jesus? Guy lived with that woman for almost ten years, and he's seen it all - the peels, the gristle, the cream-filled sauna suits. That kid won't last a week once he sees the Madge behind the curtain. Jeez Louise. Men can be so catty.