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Sexy Sarah Takes Reality Whore Kate On Romantic Getaway In Alaskan Wilderness 23.Jul.2010

Just look at all that sexual tensionOh, I dunno about all this. Since when is Sexy Sarah friends with the likes of Kate Gosselin? A former Vice Presidential candidate hanging out with reality TV trash? There's a big payoff here somewhere. Show me the money shot.

Sexy Sarah the bear hunter is supposedly going to take Kate and her eight little moneymakers on a camping trip to Alaska, where she will teach them "how to avoid bears". Or, at the very least, how to make sure the camera's got your good side while the bear rips your guts out.

Sexy Sarah doesn't care if anyone gets hurt or the environment is disturbed by a huge crew and tons of equipment. As far as she's concerned they can burn the whole state to the ground - as long as she gets paid. There's no word, by the way, on Sarah's fee for sharing her wealth of survival skills with Jon-less Kate, but I'm sure it was something ridiculous. I wonder what her bosses over at Fox News think of their "political commentator" slumming with such a class act.