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Who Knew Prom Could Be So Complicated Or The Subject Of An Entire Movie? 24.Nov.2010

Aimee Targardeen in PromI mean most teen films usually address the big P and some do center around it in many ways but at least Disney, the producers, had the courage to say "Forget giving it some cutsie title and saying it all about the not-ugly-at-all girl getting the makeover and going to prom! We are going to make it just about the prom and then call it prom!" Of course we must give credit it to the makers of the horror film Prom Night which was recently remade a few years ago and made a ton of cash but that wasn't so much a happy story as a bunch of girls wearing fruffy dresses and getting murdered. Anyway, this film looks at different interloping stories (a la The Love Actually/Valentine's Day genre) in a typical high school all leading up to the big day. Cutie Aimee Teegarden of Friday Night Lights seems to lead the bunch. She is of course the atypical high school girl who is both deep and beautiful and thinks she wants the popular boy but then falls for the bad boy (newcomer Thomas McDonnell who is pretty much trying to be Patrick Verona from 10 Things I Hate About You, one of the great teen films, played by the late Heath Ledger). Nicholas Braun who played the cutest and sweetest dork on 10 Things the TV show pretty much plays the same character here except maybe a little less anal and looks like he steals the show. And then there are some other stories but those seem to be the main ones. Watch the trailer below.