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Nicole Richie Doesn't Think Of Herself As Rich 25.Jun.2007

Nicole shoppingNicole Richie must be trying to top the pregnancy rumor going around with her new engagement to Joel Madden rumor. No there isn't a ring or any real proof but that is just how these things work. Though if she was pregnant it would make sense that she would want to get married (suddenly she is a very old fashioned girl. Well Paris found God so Nicole has to do something). Nicole also told Jimmy Kimmel that the reason she and Paris and Lindsay don't hire drivers, even though they have obviously have tons of money he pointed out, is because she doesn't think of herself as rich so she doesn't think to hire a driver. See Nicole is happy to drive herself to go shopping everyday and buy thousands of dollars worth of clothing. She may own 12 Balenciaga bags but God damn't she will drive herself to Starbucks because she is real.