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Woke Up This Morning 16.Apr.2007

Finally a season with some meat. Literally. Did anyone else want to throw up during the opening scene from ? Cleaver? when that dude? s guts were hanging out of his stomach? But hey, I? ll take nausea over some sappy dream sequence any day. sopranos

I enjoyed last night? s episode but was definitely a little disappointed. After all, when HBO displayed its viewer discretion warning of Nudity and Violence (which elicited the usual ? Woo Hoo,? from my boyfriend and I) we were expecting a little more. All we got were a few Bada Bing strippers and fake violence from ChristoPHA? s movie.

I? m hoping the death, or at least beating, count goes up next week. Two episodes in and only three bodies on their way to the morgue, and one of them wasn? t even a whacking, just your run of the mill get sick and die in prison story. Jack Bauer kills more people before he even has breakfast.

Predictions so far: Tony gets whacked by Dr. Melfi, Carmella gets richer in real estate, Meadow get? s knocked up and AJ gets loaded and accidentally kills his girlfriend. Ok, those aren? t my real predictions, but that would be the white trash version. Bring on the Nudity and Violence!

At least Entourage was hot.