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Amy Winehouse Better Hide All Her Credit Cards. Blake Incarcerated Could Be Home In Just Two Months 08.Apr.2008

Wot? He's comin' home? Oh, blimey.And her pin money. And her Mr. T gold chains. Since Blake has been in the stir he's been doing that Big House Heroin, the kind they strain through not one, not two, but three pairs of dirty socks for maximum potency. If she thought he had a problem before he went in, great googly moogly. He'll go down faster than the Lusitania, and this time he'll make sure to take her with him. Watching her living it up all these weeks while he had to do ... things ... for his drug money is just eating at him. It might be a good idea to change the locks and get a protecting order, too.

Aaah, but she probably won't. Amy still cares enough for him to throw him a few bucks (pounds? ) here and there and to dedicate a few songs to him, but she's also missed a number of visits simply by being late. I think she'd rather party with Pete Doherty and Mark Ronsen than go visit her pathetic, mewling junkie of a husband, who only wants to know when she's going to put more money in his account. If she's smart she'll go stay with her dad, Mitch. He absolutely detests Blake and can be sure to keep him away.