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Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow And Hilary Swank All Do Elle!! 11.Oct.2010

Gwyneth and Hilary on ElleDidn't Elle Magazine just celebrate a bunch of women in Hollywood? But I guess they were all 25. This is for women in their 30's who are game changers in Hollywood. Jeez Elle. At this rate you will be doing women over 80 that are game changers which would just be an entire issue devoted to Betty White. Anyway, Gwyneth and Hilary both have movies coming out and Kate has a few movies coming out in a couple months plus she is just so pretty. Kate talked about how she admires her mother, Hilary talked about how it is good to be around real people and Gwyneth talked about how someone proposed at one of her first auditions that they complete her audition in the bathroom, if you know what I mean. Well looks like she came through okay. Kate on Elle

Kate Hudson on mom Goldie Hawn: She paved the way for women to produce and star in their own films, and to balance that with being the matriarch of our family is really inspiring.

Hilary Swank: In New York City, I take the subway all the time," says the "Conviction" star. "I take it out to Shea Stadium and watch baseball games. It's easy to lose touch with people when you're not around them anymore. You become so secluded and isolated -- and that's just not something I'm interested in.Hilary Swank in ElleGwyneth Paltrow in Elle Magazine