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From Midget Cheerleader To Foxy Knoxy: Hayden Pantyears To Play Alleged Exchange Student Killer 21.Sep.2010

And not on the big screen, or even HBO or Showtime. No, this baby's a Lifetime movie. Huh. I would've thought Hayden's britches would be too big for the likes of that, what with all her big-screen ambitions. But her big debut last year in that lame Beth Cooper movie fell flat, her gigantic Russian boyfriend is nowhere to be found (How do you lose a man that big? ) and she's got nothing else going on. So what the hey, right? She's probably making more for this one gig than most of us will make all year.

It's certainly a more challenging role than she's used to. In the upcoming film, Hayden plays Amanda Knox, the American exchange student convicted of murder in Italy and serving 26 years in jail. Amanda and her then-boyfriend were accused of killing her roommate in some kind of weird, drug-fueled sex thing that no one seems to remember clearly, you know one of those kooky things that seem like fun until someone ends up dead. Bitch when that happens. I don't know a lot about the case, but from what I've read a lot of people don't agree with the verdict.

I think a role like this is good for Hayden's career. She's done much better on the small screen than in feature films, and that may just be her niche. Some great TV stars just don't do well in movies - Jennifer Aniston, for example - but that's apples to oranges. And the reverse is true: Big movie stars don't seem comfortable on the small screen. It's almost like they become larger than life. And some TV stars seem out of place on a movie set no matter what the plot or setting. Hayden's a smart cookie, she keeps the jobs coming in and she stays out of trouble. Some of her peers could learn a thing or two from her.