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Jenna Jameson: Battered Wife Or Oxycontin Addict? She's Not Even Sure 27.Apr.2010

Drugs? Where? When I saw this story I felt sick to my stomach. Jenna Jameson has lived a rough life - porn star, addict, perpetual victim - but she seemed like she had settled down with Tito Ortiz, the father of her twins born last year. No one's quite sure what happened yet, but the fallout is getting uglier by the minute.

It all went down sometime Monday morning, when a nasty little marital spat turned violent. Jenna admits to saying "something very hurtful to his ego" (maybe she told him his junk was tiny? ); he flipped out and tossed her into the tub, injuring her arm. She called the cops and he was arrested. Tito denies ever laying a hand on Jenna, and claims she hurt herself because she was all f**ked up on OxyContin. Niiiice.

Since the incident Jenna has been flip-flopping in her statements to the press: Tito didn't beat her; he did beat her; he's lying to save his own ass (he could lose his MMA ultimate fighting gig if the domestic violence charges aren't dropped). Sounds like Jenna needs to get away for a while and get her head on straight. Even if there are no beatings or drugs involved, it doesn't sound like a good place to raise two little babies.