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Paris Hilton Is Not The Really Beautiful, Really Famous Girl In Tyler Atkins' Story 18.Jul.2007

See, Tyler and Paris have a thing going on. He's not going to jeopardize that by telling tales out of school. Have you seen Tyler yet? He's Paris Hilton's flavor of the week, a 21-year-old surfer boy from down under. He's kinda sexy in a brainless kinda way.

Paris and Tyler

In a recent interview, Tyler talks about an experience he had with the Hollywood party crowd. He said he was hanging out with a certain really famous starlet, they were getting their party on, and she offered him a bunch of pills. He said he took something he thought were either Vicodin or Roofies and woke up to find himself in a hot tub with the starlet and one of her friends, where "full-on threesome" action began in earnest. Hmmm ...

Tyler says the rest of the weekend was a blur, only that he finally came to after a while to find the girls passed out and his clothes missing. The starlet was late for a shoot but still unconscious and production was banging on the door. In a panic, Tyler just threw on some women's clothes he found and escaped. I'm not sure how he ever made it home because he obviously had no money and says his cell phone was out of minutes. I probably should have read the rest of the story, but found myself losing interest at an alarming rate.

A lot of people are speculating that Paris is the she who Tyler would not name. I think it's someone else, and I can't believe I'm the only one able to figure this out yet. Think talented, beautiful starlet with an actual career and notoriously wild lifestyle. Think of all the stories of being late or absent from movie sets, numerous and multiple partners, numerous and multiple drugs.