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Pay Attention, Britney: Tara Reid Illustrates The Importance Of A Stylist. 29.May.2007

This is drunk Tara, without a stylist. Left to her own devicesThis was a classic cry for help. Because she couldn't stand up on her own. Tara was last year's train wreck headed for rehab and/or obscurity. She would arrive at an event looking drop-dead gorgeous, and then slowly retrograde within a cloud of whatever she was swilling down - she seemed to favor martinis and margueritas - until she was nothing but soup when she left.

But what do we have here? Hope for the gin-soaked masses? This is sober-so-she-can-find-steady-work Tara, using the money she used to spend on booze to pay a stylist.Cleaned up nicelyNote the conservative ponytail and tastefully subdued makeup. From the front she looks like an elegant, sophisticated young lady. From the back, well, she still looks like the girl you'd love to bend over a guardrail on a deserted stretch of interstate.

Can Tara revive a career that was maybe lukewarm at best? Can she do something about that sloppy rack? A breast reduction, perhaps? Hell, she could try wearing a bra once in a while. If she did that and promised to keep her waldorf salad midsection covered, she might have a fighting chance. And hey, if that doesn't work out, she can always go back to chasing stray golf balls in the sumac patch.