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Human Trafficking At Its Tackiest: Ali Lohan Put On The Block For Lindsay's 6126. Somebody's Gotta Pay The Bills Here 23.Sep.2010

Just leave me ALONE!Poor kid. Hard to believe she's only 16. Have you ever seen anyone so miserable to be in the spotlight? She's got that same trapped look in her eyes as Jaime Spears used to have when she had to be sucked into her sister's drama.

This is just one of the shots released today of Ali Lohan putting on her best crack whore face for her sister's 6126 line. Word on the street is White Oprah is having a hard time making ends meet. She can't rely on Lindsay to bring in the bacon anymore; whether she goes to jail tomorrow or not, Lindsay is not stable enough to work yet. If she doesn't get serious about cleaning up her act she might not live long enough to regret it. REGRET? Hell, this bitch has no regrets. Remember that sorry little confession she tweeted last week, about how she f**ked up and is ready to face the consequences? Word is she and her coke buddies composed it over Jack and Cokes, laughing all the way.

So while all that coke-and-Adderall drama plays out, the anti-mother is busy dragging the spare out of the closet kicking and screaming. Ali doesn't want any of this shit - she's already talked about how the other kids in Merrick pick on her for being Lindsay's sister. It's no wonder she looks like she's pushing 40 already. I bet she'd give everything she has just to go back to being a normal kid again, if she ever really was.