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Conservator Mania: Michael Lohan Wants To Make A Lot Of Money Like Jamie Spears 30.Mar.2009

Omigod won't you just go AWAY? !? There's just one difference between Lindsay and Britney, and it's a whopper: Britney is a money-making machine; Lindsay is a money-sucking drug fiend. But both girls are equally at risk. Too bad Lindsay doesn't have a reliable parent to look over her.

Blabbermouth idiot Michael Lohan is taking a break from holy rolling and saving us all from ourselves to speak up on his troubled daughter's behalf again. Only thing is, she asked him to shut the f**k up - years ago. He just keeps forgetting, I guess.

Or maybe he finally found out just how much money Jamie's making as Britney's conservator: a reported $10,000 a month plus other odds and ends. Papa Spears has a nice racket going. Keep her touring and live like a sultan. All he has to do is what he should have done all along: be a parent.

Michael says he's willing to fight the scrawny little gnome for control of his daughter's money ... er, life. He says he's not there to be a friend, he's there to be a parent. He shouldn't hold his breath. No judge in his right mind would give such a plum to a violent convicted felon.