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Spot The Freak: Which Of These Bee Gees Got Caught Shagging The Help? I Guess The Bisexual Druid Princess Was Not Enough 10.Feb.2009

First two guesses don't countCan you spot the freak? It's not Barry, the one on the right (who I always thought was the best-looking one). And it's not his twin, Maurice; he's no longer alive, so that pretty much rules him out. No, it's the quiet one, Robin, whose wanker (and its potent seed) have gotten him into a jam - and he's in an open marriage.

Robin and his colorful wife, Dwina, have been married since 1985. She's been there for him through drug addiction and an alleged 100 lovers, but even Dwina has her limits. 59-year-old Robin knocked up the housekeeper, who's only 33, and now she's thrown both of them out. Good for you, girl!

Dwina, who once called herself a bisexual former druid priestess and was romantically involved with a porn producer, had originally condoned Robin's eight-year fling with young Miss Claire Yang. Apparently little Baby Snow Evelyn Robin Juliet Gibb was too much for her to bear. Having to swallow her pride for 22 years while her husband chased her friends was one thing; watching him start a family with a woman she's paying to clean her house is quite another.