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No Sushi For You! Paris Hilton Denied Entry To Japan Because Of Her Coke Bust 21.Sep.2010

Cavity search!Not so smug now is Wonky McAssflaps, who scooted on out of court yesterday with a tsk-tsk and a tap on the wrist for her coke arrest in Vegas. As fully expected, Paris will not see the inside of a jail cell for this latest offense - unless she gets popped with drugs again, which I doubt. She'll make sure some other rube is holding the bag from now on. Trust. That girl only acts stupid.

So imagine the dingbat's dismay when Japanese customs officials pulled her out of line for questioning. Mind you, Paris did not fly in on a commercial flight; she came in on a private jet, most likely assuming she could just breeze through customs and hit the party scene like she always does. Instead, officials detained her for six hours, during which Paris whined and pleaded for them to make an exception to their rules so she could keep her business commitments (read: a big, fat eightball and a pitcher of mojitos waiting at the hotel), but they turned her flappy ass away and sent her home.

Poor little Wonk-eye made sure to release a statement about her unfair treatment - in Japan of all places, where they idolize tall blonds with orange skin and giant feet - saying that she was "very disappointed" that she wasn't able to greet her many fans and meet her "contractual obligations" because of some silly rule about keeping criminals out of their country. Apparently Paris doesn't feel like she should be considered a criminal despite her multiple arrests and the fact that she's already done time. She should get used to it - and it would be really cool if other countries followed Japan's lead. Maybe then she'd finally get the message. I doubt it, though.