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Disgraced Beauty Queen Carrie Prejean Giving Up Webcam Self-gratification For San Diego Footballer, Quickie Wedding Friday 30.Jun.2010

These shots probably won't make the wedding albumWow, girlfriend, what's the rush? You're announcing today that you're getting married in two days. Is this like a real wedding, or a reality show/tabloid publicity ploy? Or is there some other reason you're in a rush to get married ... something a good church-going lass is supposed to save for her big day?

A "yes" answer to any of these questions really wouldn't surprise me. Not when it comes to Prejean, who's the biggest religious bigot/hypocrite to ever slap on a set of fake titties and hit the pulpit since like forever. A girl who has taken off her clothes for money. A girl who sends sexually explicit videos of herself doing herself but condemns the lifestyles of others. This is the girl this Kyle Boller dude brought home to his mama. The picture TMZ is running with their story shows the couple together looking somewhat less than smitten with each other. As a matter of fact, if you look at Miss Bitch's facial expression (all piss and vinegar) and body language (arms crossed, classic "don't touch me"), this all looks like something out of the Speidi playbook. Whatever it is, I'm not buyin' it.