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Omigosh, Save Pink! Stalked By Two Lesbians And The Daughter Of Someone Who Knew Better 12.Mar.2009

Ellen and Portia tried to save her... than to mess with followers of L. Ron Hubbard. Elvis knew what the Scientologists were all about years ago (see below). He was able to fight them off, but once he was gone they swooped in and snatched Priscilla and Lisa Marie, and they haven't been right since.

The church of barley milk is always recruiting in Hollywood. You'll never see them canvassing the streets of Harlem or South Philly because those folks don't have any money, and money is really what they're all about. The brainwashing, the cleansings, the isolation chamber, the stretching rack ... okay, maybe they don't use the rack anymore, but anything up to that is fair game.

Pink seems much too hip for that Dianetics shit, though. She looks about ready to bolt out of that chair and run out screaming. As well she should; has anyone seen Jenna Elfman lately? Elvis in Star Magazine