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Remember Britney's Cousin, Alli? Guess What? She's Still A Parasite With No Redeeming Qualities 19.Jan.2009

RUN, KITTY, RUN!!!Here's a shocker: Alli Sims is not quite the sleaze we thought she was when she dragged her flaky cousin Britney in front of the cameras. She's much, much worse. Fortunately, all her buzzards are coming home to roost, and she might have to give some of her ill-earned gains back.

Last year when Alli was banished from all things Britney she announced that she was releasing an album. She said she was inspired by her wild days and nights with Britney, and that they'd "definitely collaborate on something". Uh, right. These two couldn't even collaborate on appropriate undergarments. Make no mistake: Alli was in cahoots with Sam Lufti - he even arranged for her rent to be paid the entire year of 2008, among other expenses. He even hooked her up with a producer who also paid her rent and expenses for at least half the year. Nice, huh? Getting paid twice for nothing. There was just one problem: Bitch has no talent. She couldn't deliver, and now they want their money back.

Starzlife has a scan of the letter the producers' attorneys sent to the slimy scammer, confronting her on her scams and lies and demanding repayment of their investment. Will Sam Lufti come to her rescue now? I hope she doesn't decide to write a tell-all; you know it'll be pure crap, and I'd hate to see this bitch continue to make more money off Britney.