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Keith Richards Tried To Fly Like A Coconut, Now Has Seizures 28.Oct.2007

See? Good as new.You and I know that coconuts can't fly, but we're talking Keith Richards here. Rational thought and Keith have never been on close terms.

Since his ill-advised high dive, Keith has suffered seizures and is taking Dilantin to control them. Richards, a former heroin addict, can now get zonked out of his bird legally. It's too bad he had to scramble what's left of his brains to do it.

Recently Keith was presented an award for Best Cameo by Spike TV for his role as Johnny Depp's father in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. He accepted his award in a pre-recorded bit where he rocked back and forth, slurring his words and making about as much sense as, say, an old man climbing a coconut tree. Said Keith, "We had a great time and it was a wonderful thing. Driving into the Disney studios, I laughed. God, at last I? m working for Mickey Mouse.?

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