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Greek Returns On Jan.25! They Should Look Happier 22.Jan.2010

Casey and KappieGosh this show just churns out seasons. Perhaps because this potentially could be the last one since ratings are not very good and Casey and Evan are graduating. We are not sure about Kappy. Perhaps though it will be a good time to stop because it is a college based show and it won? t work beyond that. Like after four years Felicity stopped (probably because Keri Russell wanted to quit) but also because it was a show about a college journey. Anyway, it looks like there will be more pranks, drinking (possibly some cross dressing) and sex and some sort of fairytale ball thing thrown in. Plus we get to see Evan and Rebecca try it as a couple which will be interesting. And Casey looks like she got a little glitter-happy while dressing up as a princess. And it appears that Rebecca decided to be Malefescent which makes sense. Greek girls