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Are You Kidding Me?!? Mischa Barton Gets Stoned Behind The Wheel And Runs Out Of Gas 16.Feb.2010

courtesy TMZWell. Uh, it's good to see her making good use of her time now that she's between jobs. Oh, who are we kidding here? Mischa's escapades with substance abuse, her difficult and demanding on-set behavior and the fact that anything she touches turns to shit, have all combined made her unemployable. It would be one thing if she was a slug until the camera rolled and then turned on the charm, but this bitch just doesn't put out, a total waste of time and effort.

So mushy Mischa has a lot of time on her hands these days. The phone is not ringing, and maybe her agent isn't even returning her calls anymore. With no job and no man in her life, Mischa has turned to the chronic for solace. That in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing, but not while you're out driving around - that's not only stupid and dangerous, it's illegal. You'd think that someone who earned a DUI less than two years ago would know this, but no one ever accused Mischa of being smart.

Will Mischa face any repercussions for toking behind the wheel and being captured on film? Maybe she's still on probation for the DUI - I assume if she's driving they gave her license back. Either way, this isn't the first time Mischa has been snapped blowing a doobie on the side of the road. Girlfriend needs to schedule her chronic for when she's off the road, but I guess her parents wouldn't appreciate that. It was different when she was paying all the bills, but now she's just a deadbeat stoner and her parents are probably supporting her grown ass. Maybe she can get a job with Burlington Coat Factory - she looked right at home in their duds.