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No Hangover For You! Cast And Crew Of Film Cockblock Mel Gibson's Comeback Attempt 24.Oct.2010

All washed upHey, there's always porn. I hear they're always on the lookout for a prick, and he definitely fits the bill. Oksana could vouch for that; so could his ex, if she was so inclined. She never is. I'm sure she knows better. God knows how many packs of ni**ers he wished on her over the years.

But Robyn looks like the lucky one now. The crazy Russian bitch who stole her husband is in a whole mess of trouble, what with the interminable custody and support proceedings and the threat of an extortion charge hanging over her head. And the husband, cheating f**k that he is? The one-time Sexiest Man Alive and Oscar winner can't even get a bit part (calling it a cameo is just flattery, and he doesn't deserve that) in a lukewarm sequel. My, how the mighty have fallen.

Mad Mel was slated to play a tattoo artist in the upcoming Hangover 2, but the protests of the crew and everyone in the cast but Bradley Cooper (he looks like an ass-kisser) forced the producers to dump Gibson and replace him with Liam Neeson, who everybody loves. Ten years ago this would have been unthinkable, but a little DUI, sugar tits and babymama-bashing goes a long way in Hollywood these days. Kudos to all the people involved for putting their jobs on the line to stand up to the crazy bigot and abuser.