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No More Overpriced Beef Curtains: Kitson's Cans Lauren Conrad's Line 15.Jul.2008

Spends most of her time like thisAnd why not? It's nothing exciting, creative or even remotely appealing. Her $200 dresses look the same as something you'd see in Fashion Bug. Are they even selling? LC's not saying, but Kitson's is: They're dumping LC's line because it simply wouldn't move.

Of course it would help if Lauren had actually done promotional appearances at the store, but somehow her peeps couldn't get that together. They were probably muttering that their girl was too good for that type of thing. Either that or they were nursing her through yet another hangover.

Fraser Ross, owner of Kitson, put it simply: "Sales were lackluster ... They need to realize it's no different than selling your album, your TV shows, your movies. You have to keep promoting it." That's OK, Lauren. I'm sure you've got more important things to do, like kicking Audrina out of your guest cottage. Cold-hearted shrew.