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Is Britney Cracking Up Again? She Can't. Daddy Wants To Be A Billionaire 19.Jan.2010

I'm warning you. Leave me ALONE!Poor Britney. She's got no life of her own. She can't even go to the bathroom without Daddy's permission, and he sends someone in with her. She's forced to get by on a measly $1,500 a week while he gets $15,000 a month to keep her hard at work. Hey, she's got a big family to feed: hers, Kevin's and probably hundreds of employees and hangers-on. That doesn't give them the right to keep her a virtual prisoner, though, and word is that Brit's starting to crack under the strain.

That of course won't bother her conservator, who sees nothing but job security in Britney's instability. Think about it: if Britney was suddenly well enough to run her own life, do you think for a second that she'd keep her dad and brother on the payroll? They'd be out faster than Brit can suck down a double latte frappeccino.

Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case. The Enquirer reports that Britney has become prone to screaming fits and tantrums and is pulling her hair (and extensions) out in clumps. YIkes. You know it's bad when she goes for the hair. Daddy knows it, too, and he's made it clear that he'll put her in a psych ward again if she doesn't pipe down. She may have taken him seriously - she missed a court date this week for her conservatorship and the judge was pissed. Doesn't look like she'll be out and about any time soon.