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Saint Paul Denounces Heather's Lunacy, Finds Himself New Woman With 2 Legs! 07.Nov.2007

Looks pretty innocent, right? Well, there's a little bit of a snag. The new fully-equipped companion is still legally married to someone else. I'm sure the former will gladly step aside to make room for the living legend ... who's also been a good family friend for many years.

While his ex-wife runs around foaming at the mouth over millions of pounds with nary a mention of her daughter's well-being, Paul McCartney has been basking in all the love and sympathy his fans have been sending his way. I'm sure he's not the violent miser Heather says he is, but neither is he a pillar of virtue. The NY Daily News has been running the story of Paul's new love affair with Nancy Shevell, wealthy bureaucrat and Manhattan socialite. Paul and his first wife, Linda, became friends with the Shevells years ago, and that friendship was also extended to Heather when she married Paul. I guess somebody's signals got crossed somewhere, and now Paul's got a thing for his buddy's wife. They were spotted in a smooch in East Hampton this weekend, where the locals say this is old news; they've been quietly getting together for a few months now. Nancy's ex swears their parting was amicable and not related - who knows, maybe he feels Paul is doing him a favor by taking her off his hands. He must be saving him thousands in alimony by just being there. What a pal.