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Khloe Kardashian Giving Love Advice, Is Big Enough To Make You Listen 19.Feb.2009

Large and in chargeExactly where a moose like this gain the life experience, or earn some kind of degree, that would qualify her to dispense advice to people with love trouble? Was it her one, very brief high-profile relationship with an NBA player? A publicist-written statement on her blog made a point of insisting that it was a mutual, amiable split and that no other parties were involved. Which means someone was monkeyin' around and got caught. It's not like they were together that long, and there's no sign of any other prospects knocking on her stall door.

Somehow this qualifies Khloe (at least in her own mind) to give dating advice. The big, frisky heifer says to stay away from basketball players because they play too much; football players only play once a week so they give their balls a rest. I wonder how many athletes she had to research with before she could compile her results. yark