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Watch Your Back, Katie Couric. Sexy Sarah To Do Fox News Topless 11.Jan.2010

OK, I made up the topless part. And maybe the part about Katie Couric being threatened in any way. Next to Palin, Katie looks like Cronkite.

Sexy Sarah, the ungoverning and ungovernable former ... um, governor of Alaska has hit the big time. She has scored a regular gig on Fox News, a place she says "so values fair and balanced news." Palin will of course be providing commentary and analysis on all things political. You know, because she has just oodles of political experience. Like, just tons.

Palin is actually pretty well suited for a spot like this. She doesn't have to do the homework; she can just get briefed and BS her way through it. It's what's gotten her this far. Politics was only a stepping stone for Sexy Sarah anyway. This is where she wanted to be all along.