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Serial Miller Can't Compete, Refuses To Take Backseat. Or Bicycle, For That Matter 20.Oct.2008

Not ready for the PTASienna Miller needs to wake the f**k up. If he hasn't divorced his wife yet, he never will. And why should he? Sienna gives him all the lovin' he wants while Rosetta lives in the house on the hill. Face it, this relationship is doomed. When a guy starts giving you things like a ThighMaster or even a $7,000 bicycle built for two, you know he's just not inspired.

Why on earth would he give her a bicycle? She's a chain smoker. The only exercise she gets is flat on her back. She keeps thinking he's going to make her an honest woman. Hell, the Pope couldn't make her an honest woman. The whole Vatican would fall down if they even let her through the door.

If Sienna had half a brain she'd cut her losses now. Balty knows a good thing when he sees it. Just keep her happily horizontal and take her on a few vacations here and there, all the while trying to keep the door open with Rosetta for the sake of their four children. Just what kind of stepmother would Sienna make? Just ask George Hamilton.