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Prettyboring Wants To Know: Where Do The Old Kermits Go When No One Wants Them? 22.Mar.2009

No, they don't get thrown into a pig pile. They don't end up on the menu at Le Cirque either; after only a few short years of Muppeteering the meat is all gray, stringy and completely unsuitable for consumption. But Kermits don't grow on trees, y'all; they can't just be chucked away like an old shirt. Green is as green does, and the fashion world has finally found a use for spent frogs.

I'm not sure who the designer of this get-up was - Miss Piggy? The Amazing Mumford? - but it is both appalling and mesmerizing at the same time. I especially love the decapitated Kermit pinned to the model's head like a little amphibious beret. Takes you right back to medieval days, doesn't it?

This is a helluva lot more catchy than PETA's sea kittens. I think we'll call it ... Shermit.