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Sad, Sad Day: Dom Deluise Passes Away At 75 05.May.2009

Dom DeLuiseToo young to know who Dom DeLuise was? He was pure comedic genius. I'm probably dating myself when I mention movies like Cannonball Run, Smokey & the Bandit and Blazing Saddles, but any of those three movies blew away lame shit like Scary Movie or that unwashed vampire and the pothead chick. Check out some of his classic moments here.

Dom DeLuise was a multi-talented jack of all trades. He did TV shows, talk shows and blockbuster hits. He did voice-overs for some of the biggest animated hits ever. He even had a spaghetti sauce and some cookbooks on the market at one point.

Dom passed away today at the age of 75 after a long unspecified illness. The world will be a much more somber place without him.