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Rachael Ray's Secret Message To Her Husband 28.Aug.2008

This is dedicated to the one I loveA picture does sometimes say a whole helluva lot. In this candid shot, Rachael Ray is sending a little message of love to that albatross laying on the couch waiting for her to come home with Chinese food again. Actually, according to Wikipedia he's a lawyer and lead singer of a rock band called The Cringe. New Yorkers know him better as a freak who got off on getting spit on, according to the tabloids and NY dailies. Despite a nasty little scandal, the steadily expanding foodie stood by her man and they're still together two years later.

Like Carol Burnett tugging her ear each week, Rachael wanted to send a message to her happily beaten down spouse, a little preview of coming attractions. He probably loves her more than ever for it. It really doesn't matter much to Rachael; it's looking more and more like she's replaced sex with food these days.