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Sexy Sarah Took Bitchy Kate Gosselin Camping. The Grizzly Bears Were Much Nicer 07.Aug.2010

And that's no joke. What is it with these reality show "stars"? Being freak of the week doesn't make you a better person. Just ask the reality stars of yesterday - the bearded lady, the sword swallower, the dude that bit the heads off of chickens - being put on display because you're f**ked up is just not the same as being an acclaimed movie star.

But somehow people like Kate Gosselin begin to think the cameras are following them around because they're special. Uh, no. Mass producing your own offspring for fame and fortune is unbelievably crass and incredibly irresponsible. How else did these yo-yos think they would be able to afford eight children? Neither of them were big earners before, and they better enjoy whatever they have now, because at the rate they both piss away their money it'll be gone soon.

But I digress. Diva Kate made a trip to Alaska to go camping with her new chummy, Sexy Sarah Palin. Sarah probably thought she could get Kate up in the woods and loosen her up with some cheap hooch, but the diva pitched a bitch when she saw she'd have to pee in a bucket - really! - and eat inferior foods like cold cuts and cheese. Was she expecting a Michelin-rated chef? A lakefront estate with full spa services? Bitch, please. Oddly enough, Sexy Sarah, savage hunter of defenseless beasts and designer suits, backed down and got Kate a cabin while she and her family camped in tents. I think they should have tied Kate to a raft and floated her out into the middle of the lake. Her kids wouldn't miss her - they spend more time with the nannies - and perhaps nature will take its own course. We could always hope a hungry grizzly would mistake her for a salmon.