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Tara Reid And The Open Bar: Like A Moth To The Flame, With Equally Disastrous Results 21.Feb.2008

She broke the open barThese pictures were taken at the Smart/Live Earth celebration of environmental artists in LA this week. I didn't know Tara had returned from her World Drunky Tour; I thought she was still staggering around the Outback somewhere. Crikeys!

But, no, Tara somehow made it past Customs without event and dragged her own luggage across the airport to grab a taxi home. Her agent got her into the Live Earth gig and off she went ... without a minder. To the S Bar, where the booze would flow freely and for free.

In twenty minutes Tara went from pretty little has-been to sloppy little kickstand - she couldn't even walk out of the club without help, as usual. They just poured her into a cab and sent her home. Alone. Again. Maybe she can start a book club with that other aging club troll, Paris Hilton, since neither of them seems to be getting much action lately.