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Jessica Simpson Must Fire Papa Joe To Save Her Career. Daisy Told Her So. 25.Nov.2007

Look what he did to Ryan CabreraIt's so overdue. Papa Joe has been screwing things up for Jess for a long time now - her marriage to Nick, her movie career, his pathetic attempts at matchmaking - everything Papa Joe meddles in turns to meadow muffins. Everyone she asks has told Jess that the best way to revive a stalled career is to switch management; does Jess have the stones to give her dad his walking papers?

Like any other stage parent, Joe's work on behalf of his oldest daughter at first appeared selfless and benevolent, giving up a ministry to support and guide his little girl. Hmph. Papa Joe just traded up. Why fleece a church full of followers and risk prosecution when you can "manage" your kids and collect six figures? It's a beautiful thing.

Papa Joe and Jess caught a few lucky breaks in the beginning, but now the chips - and her stock - are down. She needs a real pro to pump up her career again, someone to get her in the dailies on a regular basis again. She needs good producers to help her make a hit record again. And she needs a hot new romance, because she hasn't gotten any in a while and the stress is starting to show. Getting rid of Papa Joe is the first step toward achieving all of these goals. You can do it, girl! Send him out for the Enquirer and change the locks!