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Is Maniston In New York? Angelina Injured On Set, Taken To Hospital 31.May.2009

You missed, bitch.Sounds suspicious to me. Angelina has looked so skinny lately, too; it would only take a small gust of wind to knock her down. But I'm wondering, especially in light of the location of her injury: Right between the eyes. See what I mean?

Angelina has been busy filming an action film called Salt in the city and staying out here on the Island. The goldenest family has totally bewitched Lloyd Harbor and the surrounding towns they've been seen in. And contrary to what Star and the other Brangelina haters may say, they were actually nice.

But making an action movie is hard work, and sometimes accidents happen. While doing her own stunts Friday, Angelina somehow got a bonk on her bony head that "bled a bit". To be safe they took her to the hospital, but all reports indicate that she's just fine. And now if Brad doesn't go racing to her side it'll mean they've broken up. If he does, she's pregnant. With triplets, at least.