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Now She's Done It. Lindsay Lohan Ordered To Report To Court Tomorrow For Flunking Drunk School 15.Oct.2009

But I don't wanna pee in a cupAt least so says TMZ, and they have that inside source in the courts and police department out on the left coast. If so, it's about f**king time.

Lindsay has been ordered to report in person for her progress hearing on her DUI case. You know, the one where she's supposed to stay sober, stay out of clubs, stay out of trouble? She's also supposed to be going to an alcohol education class, and reportedly it was those folks who raised the alarm with the judge, who is said to be "concerned" about the little crackhead.

Will the judge violate Lindsay's probation and send her to rehab or jail? That all depends on what kind of shape she's in when (and if) she shows up. It also depends on her representation. I don't think Blair Berk is working for her anymore. She usually only takes paying clients, and Lindsay probably still owes her money. I do hope the judge does something to slow Lindsay's roll. Somebody has to.