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Mindy Mccready's Mom Must Really Hate Her, Gives Her Pills Then Phones 911 25.May.2010

It's OK. I'm fine. Really.Wow. Talk about winning at any cost. Country singer Mindy McCready has been battling her mother for custody of Mindy's son. Mom took the child in while Mindy was rehabbing, and apparently has decided she wants to keep him. It's that empty nest thing; she's probably gotten used to having a little one under foot again after rattling around in an empty house. Mom claims that Mindy is still not ready to take care of her son. This may or may not be true, and perhaps Mom set her up to look unfit.

It all started earlier this week when Mindy broke her toe. If you've never done so, I can tell you that a broken toe is excruciatingly painful, whether it's the little one on the end or the big one. Mindy was complaining of pain and her mom gave her four Darvocets. Why so many? Wouldn't one have worked just fine, considering she's been clean? But maybe Mom had her own agenda.

Not surprisingly, Mindy started to not feel well, and of course she told her mother. Mom apparently saw the perfect opportunity to make her daughter look bad and called 911. But Mindy says Mom "overreacted", and even good ol' Dr. Drew piped up in her defense, saying he had spoken to her recently and saw no evidence of a relapse. That's also surprising, seeing as how they're having trouble casting the next Celebrity Rehab. Mindy's already done it once, and she could probably use the bucks. Just sayin'.