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Is Amy Winehouse Worth More To Her Parents And Record Company Dead Than Alive? 01.Aug.2008

Running out of rock bottomOnly a crackhead could make a ceramic kitty sinister. I love Amy's music, but she makes it so hard to like her. She always looks like a can of smashed assholes. I just can't understand how the people who claim to love her not only stand by and watch her self-destruct, but actively contribute to that destruction by profiting from her sickness every chance they get.

Just look at the pictures of Mitch and Janis Winehouse with Amy's wax figure at Madame Tussaud's. They look relieved that the likeness did not include the diseases and parasites that crawl on the real deal.

Her face is rotting off. Her teeth are rotting out. She's so strung out on drugs she's subject to seizures - that's her brain's last ditch attempt to save itself. And where are those who might be able to help her? Why, they're standing on the sidelines dreaming about living Presley style - the death of Elvis enriched his heirs far more than when he was alive. Hey, she's not dead yet. She just needs to be rescued from the druggies and parasites that surround her. She'd be more than content to hang out and make Slush Puppies all day if they'd just leave her alone.