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It Has Had It: Madge Lets Baby Jesus Go Play With Kids His Own Age 20.Mar.2009

My way or the highway, bitchesI wonder. Did she suddenly wake up and realize she looked ridiculous toting around someone too young to remember Desperately Seeking Susan? Not likely. It is not like the rest of us, and doesn't feel compelled to play by the same rules. No, it was probably the pictures of her peque?o muchacho de cama caliente strolling with a much younger, much less gristly lady in Brazil that twisted her nutsack.

Everyone knows It will not tolerate what It cannot control, and now baby Jesus is sacado en el freno - out on the curb with the rest of the losers. Because let's face it: It's Madge's way or the highway, baby. Those mysterious insiders say she's trying to save face by saying she did it so it wouldn't ruin her chances of adopting another Malawian baby, but that's just spin. He embarrassed her and he's done.

Maybe in more ways than one: Jesus' modeling career took off like a rocket with Madge's clout, but now that he's out, that very well might change, especially if designers are worried It won't come to their shows if he's on the runway. He might find himself a nobody before next week. When was the last time you saw Carlos Leon (without Lourdes)?