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Matt Lauer Decides To Give Back, Takes On Mammoth Breast Exam Project 27.Jun.2007

Note Matt's hand in the picture, with its ring finger firmly esconced in wedding band. Note Matt's eyes, eagerly devouring every inch of Pamela's boobalicious rack. Didn't he just get back together with his wife? Oh, Mattie's going to be in the doghouse again.

Did you hear an echo? Kid, is that you?

Seriously, I wish Pamela would dress her age a little more, and maybe crank down her bazoombas a notch or two. I've seen pictures of her when she had those monsters taken out, and she looked so much better. She is such a knockout when she pretends to respect herself.

Pammie's been without a steady for a while now, if you don't count whatever it is she's got going on with Tommy Lee. As creepy as they can be, those two sure seem to have chemistry together - too bad it's the kind that usually wins you a two-week regimen of antibiotics.