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Martha Stewart Not Afraid Of Tell-all Book, Enjoys Pot Brownies With Snoop Dogg 26.Dec.2009

See? They knowSay what you want about Martha - she's cool. I admire her cold-blooded efficiency; she reminds me of a very successful boss I once had, except Martha is much nicer.

Martha had Snoop Dogg on her show recently and they made brownies together - green brownies. They were absolutely adorable together. This is a woman who can handle anything. Do you think she really cares that a former friend has sold her out? She ain't the first and won't be the last. In the meantime, Martha is still rockin' that apron. Hard.

This week's National Enquirer screams about Martha's collapse after learning that Mariana Pasternak will reveal her darkest secrets in her new book. These revelations supposedly reveal lesbian dates, alcohol abuse and tantrums. Martha's going to collapse over that? Please. If she didn't collapse when she was convicted of insider trading and sentenced to jail, she's not going to faint over a back-stabbing socialite's tacky little tell-all. The Enquirer went on to say that Martha called Mariana to scream at her. I can't see that either, but I can see Martha turning her to stone with just one icy glare. And then composting her with the turkey gizzards.