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Nicolette Sheridan Is As Crazy As She Looks. Look What She Dumped For Michael Bolton. 22.Nov.2007

Swedish poundcakeIt would be a tough choice, I know. Scrawny, balding, anemic Michael Bolton, who's been coasting on residuals and casino shows but is good marriage material ... or Niklas Soderblom, the hot Swede who is shopping a tell-all on their loveless relationship, but is still waaay hotter than Bolton will ever be. Which would you choose? Mr. Commitment and Stability, or Mr. Rub Me Raw and Rob Me Blind?

Nicolette left Michael for Niklas because Michael couldn't rub her like Niklas could, but that got old pretty quickly when she had to pay all the bills. Nicolette went back to Michael because she knew he'd take her back; she knew he was still in love with her. And when they first got back together, things seemed really good. The sparks flew! They were meant to be! It was fate! And all that happy claptrap. Michael had finally cut off that ridiculously straggly hair and looked pretty decent. It was on! And then ... nothing. No wedding. No babies. Nothing. So what happened? Why, Desperate Housewives happened. Now that she's back on a hit show, she's not quite so ready to settle for a washed-up pop star.

As for Option # 2, the hot Swede, he is selling his story to any and all takers, starting with the Daily Mail. Once again, the British tabloids have scooped their American counterparts ... but only because they aren't afraid to use their imaginations should deadline or circulation targets necessitate.