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The Piven Strikes Out With The Midget. Milo Will Kick His Ass When He Stops Laughing 29.Sep.2008

This is not Piven. And never will beTalk about someone living their role. Jeremy Piven may not have always been as arrogant and smarmy as his character, Ari, on Entourage, but by all accounts he has grown into his character. It hasn't, however, grown him any friends.

On the contrary, the more overconfident Piven gets, the more generally repulsive he becomes to those around him. He's a big believer in "don't you know who I am? ", and feels like a superstud because he's always picking up groupies and bar flies.

Well, the littlest cheerleader is no bar hag or wannabe. The midget we love to poke (fun at) is apparently no fan of the Entourage scene, probably because she's had a real one for years. She just calls them Mom and Dad to keep them from asking for more money. At least they know their place.

Piven does not. At the Emmy Awards, Piven did his best to scoop up the mighty midget and whisk her off the scene, but Hayden wasn't having it. She's a good girl and loyal to her 12 years younger than him but 12 years older than her boyfriend, Milo, who doesn't have a bad case of the pudge and a rapidly receding hairline. She ditched Piven like an expired bus pass, leaving him to pound the drums at the after-party, where there surely was no shortage of women who think he's something. Just what, we're not sure.