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Katie Price Is Like Typhoid Mary With Her Chickenpox Baby 21.Apr.2008

Princess PoxarellaI realize that chickenpox is not usually a fatal disease. The older you are, the more severe the onset, and pregnant women exposed to the virus run the risk of any number of serious problems, from missing sphincters to encephalitis. (Check out the wiki here.) It's nothing to be taken lightly.

Britain's Katie Price is in Los Angeles filming her reality show, and her baby, Princess Tiaammii (yes, that's the poor kid's real name) came down with the virus. Doctors recommend a patient stay indoors at least until all their pox have scabbed over (yuck, I know). But Katie has a shooting schedule, and she's probably maxed out all her credit cards to drag her family and entourage across the pond for a chance at American stardom. She can't afford a two-week hiatus. She and husband Peter dragged the poor little nine-month-old around in public all day long, first to lunch at the Ivy, then shopping on Robertson, infecting countless numbers of innocent passers-by. The family wrapped up their day by having to take the now urgently ill PT (no way I'm trying to type THAT name again) to a health clinic for treatment. The good news? Princess will be fine, and will be getting some doctor-ordered bed rest. The bad news? They have other kids they exercise this kind of judgment over.