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Saggy, Baggy Mischa Barton: This Is The Face Of Washed Up 25.Aug.2008

Looks like a pair of mutts to meSee? I told you she was full of shit. All her phony remorse and talk of contrition, of making a mistake but not having a problem and being better than the rest of the drunks falling down at the bar ... it was all nothing but LIES.

Mischa hasn't slowed her roll one bit. I mean, my GOD, just look at her face. She looks at least 45 here ... you can see what all that booze is doing to her face. She looks like rice pudding gone bad. Like ricin bad.

Mischa's partying has been out of control for a long time, even before her DUI. She hasn't been welcome on the A-list circuit since freaking out at Nicole Richie's Memorial Day party. She has to beg the paparazzi to take her picture these days, and they only show up when she's hungover and banged out. She hasn't caught on to the fact that only the bad pictures are worth any money these days. Probably because she's stupid.

Mischa made such an ass of herself recently at a Hollywood club that her boyfriend got pissed and ditched her after she fell all over the place. He was so embarrassed he hid from her the rest of the night. I'd say it won't be long before he takes a powder. Nobody likes a sloppy drunk, especially a sloppy drunk loser.