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Mischa Barton Is Worried Her Career Is Over. Nothing Gets Past That Girl 08.Oct.2009

I feel more washed out than washed upAs much as I've always enjoyed trashing Mischa, I actually almost feel sorry for her. Things are just not going her way.

Still reeling from the mercifully quick death of her Beautiful Life, the perennial underachiever is said to be scared that she's all washed up at 23. It's made her a little edgy and rather irritable as well. When told by her mother that her comeback show was over after only two episodes, she was said to collapse into tears - until her mom said to get over it (well, kinda ... she said it wasn't the end of the world). She quickly went from a sobbing mess to a screaming witch, saying it wasn't her fault they didn't promote the show or keep it on longer. Not true on both counts. They did promote it but they had to yank it because it sucked. Especially you, Mischa. Especially you. You couldn't open a can of creamed corn. Better apologize to your mother - you might be forced to call on her kindness in the days and years to come, when your acting career becomes one of those things you did when you were younger.