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Celebrities Even Have Better Leftovers Than Us: Halle Berry Trades Hot Babydaddy Gabriel For Deliciously Naughty Olivier 13.Sep.2010

You can just see her purringDamn. Girlfriend can score herself some hot tail, can't she? It's no wonder; Halle is a stunningly beautiful woman. Too bad she can't seem to hang on to them for very long. Maybe she gets bored. Or maybe she's too high maintenance. Hell, her babydaddy Gabriel Aubry was every bit as beautiful as she is; maybe he was the high-strung one.

Either way, their somewhat lukewarm and not terribly exciting romance kinda faded out earlier this year. They issued the usual "always love, utmost respect, partners in parenting" bullshit statement but as usual, kept things pretty quiet. Whether things remain so amicable remains to be seen, especially in light of these new pictures of Halle in romantic Paris arm-in-arm with a man surely not Gabe.

Halle's currently filming some movie called Dark Tide with her beau mec fran?ais somptueux co-star, Olivier Martinez. She's a lucky girl - just look at that glow. Brother's giving it to her right. Martinez is kinda like an undercover Clooney - he'll pop up here and there, hang out for a bit, then leave 'em all with that tight grin. Trust. A woman knows. Likewise, it's obvious he's only good for one thing. If Halle gets hung up on this guy, he'll break her heart. He's a player, and her track record with that type is not so hot. Hopefully she's just in it for the bonin'.