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Two Of Kate's Eight Must Now Home-educate: Bad Mom Makes Bad Kids? Maybe Eric Roberts Was Right 11.Nov.2010

Apple does not fall from from the treeWell, no one ever actually came out and said that Kate Gosselin was a good mother. No one but Kate, of course, and who would really believe her? Do you really think TLC hired her because they were impressed with her maternal warmth or nurturing skills? It's just PT Barnum and the freak show. Nobody wants to watch that viper change a diaper; they want to watch her bite their heads off.

Last week Eric Roberts blew everybody's minds (mine, at least) with his diatribe against Kate Gosselin and her "abuse" of her children for the sake of her own fame. Brother got nasty, calling her a "cruel horror" and saying she needs anger management classes. All this coming from a man whose own daughter has been in show business since she was nine. All the same, I think he's got a point.

So do her kids, apparently. According to hollybaby, Kate's children are having all kinds of behavioral problems in school, with two of the six-year-olds already expelled from school for cursing and fighting. But the show must go on, as Mr. Barnum used to say, and Kate's not letting a few violent outbursts derail her dreams of superstardom. She better watch her ass. There's more of them than her, and when they realize she's gonna spend all their money before they're old enough to have it, they'll turn on her.