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Blohan And Her Little Man Brawl: Pull Up The Car, Sam 21.Nov.2008

We're late. Calum is waiting at the club. As soon as you hit the booth, we're going to bump us some uglies in the VIP room.

It may be hard to believe, but things between Lindsay and her little lady boy are not always rosy. On the contrary, things have gotten so rough that they're reportedly seeking counseling with a couples therapist, according to Page Six.

Sources said fists were flying between the two when they had a screaming match outside a London club. Apparently Sam is really jealous of Lindsay's ex-boyfriends, and since there's so many of them it's a constant source of anxiety for her. She's just so afraid Lindsay will leave her for someone with a real one.

And someone with a real one is stalking them. Hot mess Calum Best, one of Lindsay's hottest flings when she was partying hard, has been following them from club to club as poor Sam just tries to keep a roof over their heads. She just might be getting fed up with Lindsay's shit - and who wouldn't? Lindsay was said to be snapping her fingers and ordering her around like the hired help. Sam may have been a relative unknown here in the US before Lindsay, but all of the Ronsons are celebrities in London ... unlike Lindsay, whose star power seems to have gone the way of the dodo.